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Inside Out Christmas 2015!! by pikaplusmin
Inside Out Christmas 2015!!
Been a tad inactive lately here, haven't I? Haha, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone! May one and all receive the spirit of Christmas cheer throughout this holiday season! :D
Kilala97Contest#1: Jewelled Bowtie by pikaplusmin
Kilala97Contest#1: Jewelled Bowtie
Hope I'm not too late, but here's my contest entry for Miss :iconkilala97:'s Contest for Overcoming Weaknesses. Hope you like it!!

The Mane Six and their families are meeting up at the Friendship Castle before heading to Rainbow Falls for a little get-together picnic. Rarity and T have already arrived at the meeting spot. Whilst waiting for the others, Rarity notices Twilight hasn’t come down from her room yet. T volunteers to go up and check up on his aunt.

T: *knocks at Princess Twilight’s door*

Twilight: *reading a book while seated by the window* Who is it?

T: Aunty Twilight? It’s me, Turquoise Blitz.

Twilight: *her nose still stuck in her book* Oh, T. Come on in.

T: *opens door and enters room* Hi, Aunty Twilight! Good morning.

Twilight: *looks up from her book and smiles towards T* Hello, T and a good morning to you too! *puts down book and heads for T to give him a kiss on the cheek* My, how nice you look today.

T: Haha, well you know my mom. Were you in the middle of something, Aunty? I’m sorry if I interrupted–

Twilight: Oh no, no. I was just catching up on some reading. I came across this amazing book lately, and I’ve been itching to finish the story ever since.

T: Really? What’s it about?

Twilight: It’s about this traveller who explores the world finding a place that he can call his own. As the story goes on though, he ends up on a journey finding himself, you know?

T: Finding himself, huh?

Twilight: Hmm?

T: Oh, nothing. Nothing at all.

Twilight: *pauses* Alright, then. So, is it time to go?

T: I’m guessing not yet, Aunty Twilight. Besides my mom, Ms. Fluttershy and Annie are already downstairs. Claire’s still checking if Prince Illusion can make it. Aunty Pinkie and Candy went back to Sugar Cube Corner for some last minute supplies. Star is helping the Apples bringing the food here and Aunty Rainbow and Prism just left their place. Must have overslept, again.

Twilight: Seems like we still have some time, don’t we? And, Spike? Will he be coming?

T: My dad? Oh, he said he’ll see if he can come. Not exactly sure if that’s a yes or a no.

Twilight: Is that so? Oh well, I was planning to surprise him later at the picnic, but I guess it will have to wait for another time.

T: What will, Aunty?

Twilight: Oh T, would you like to see it?

T: See what, Aunty?

Twilight: *chuckles* The surprise for your father, of course!

T: That wasn’t exactly the answer I was hoping for, Aunty.

Twilight: Whoops, I’m sorry. I’ll take it a yes, yes? Well, rather telling you what it is, I feel it would be better if I were to show you. Wait right here.

Twilight then flies off towards her collection of belongings, and quickly scans them in search for the object in question. In little to no time at all, items such as books, parchment, quills and whatnot rise and fly throughout the room, leaving T watching in amazement and awe.

What is it that Aunty found that she wanted to surprise Dad with? Must be something very important to him...

Twilight: *still browsing through her belongings* Where is it? Where is it? Where is it?! Oh, I know I left it here somewhere... *spots a small wooden box behind some old scrolls* AHA!! *levitates said box towards her, blow off some dust and presents it before T*

T: *looks closer and wipes off remaining dust* Woah, it looks pretty old, Aunty Twilight.

Twilight: It is, T. It belonged to your father even before I became a princess. *hands box over to T* Go on, don’t be shy. Open it.

T slowly brings his hand to lift latch and open box. Inside, he spots an old red bowtie encrusted with jewels of every color and size.


T: A shiny bowtie, Aunty?

Twilight: Yes, T. This bowtie was given to your father by your mother one get-together we had way back then. Spike had treasured it ever since, though I have to wonder how it ended up amongst my belongings. Sometime after your father left with your mother, I found it one day while rearranging my books and have been waiting for the right opportunity to return it to him.

T: *slightly in awe* Wow. This must be really special to both Mom and Dad then, huh?

Twilight: Definitely. Say, T? How about we try this on you?

T: *steps back surprised* W-w-wh-what?! Oh no, Aunty, I couldn’t possibly!–

Twilight: T, I insist. And don’t worry; I’ll explain to your parents should they ever ask. But if you were to ask me, I think that they would be happy more than anything.

T: ... Well, if you say so, Aunty.


Twilight leads T by the arm and has him sit down by a large mirror. Using her magic, she brings up the jewel-encrusted bowtie from the small box and slowly affixes the accessory under T’s collar. Once in place, both look into their reflections with gleaming eyes and looks of wonder upon their faces.


Twilight: So, T? What do you think?

T: It’s so... sparkly.

Twilight: *chuckles* I had a feeling you would say that. Oh, look at you. You remind me so much of your father.

T: I do?

Twilight: *nods* You do. I wonder how he is right now and what he is up to.


After Twilight gave her answer, the two continued to look longingly into the mirror, with what seemed to be a different reason behind each pair of eyes. Then T finally broke the silence and asked what he had been meaning to for a while now. 


T: ... Aunty Twilight?

Twilight: Yes, T? I’m listening.

T: Do you think I could... find myself?

Twilight: *intrigued* Find yourself?

T: You know, finding my purpose. Everyone else seems to have already found theirs, even Claire. And yet here I am, still lost with what I want to do with my life. *sighs heavily* Sometimes I feel like giving up on even trying.

Twilight: I see. So that’s what been on your mind this whole time. Well, if it makes you feel any better, what you just said reminded me even more of your father back in his youth.

T: It did, Aunty?

Twilight: *nods* It was some time after your father was born. Being raised by someone such as Princess Celestia doesn’t exactly allow for much bonding time so he’d often just roam the castle halls finding something to do just to pass time. It seemed like he had been doing the same routine forever, until one fateful day when he encountered me in the library. I remember that day I was so eager to read as much as I could that I got a hold of too many books; so many in fact, that I must have dropped a few of them on my way back to my desk. That was when I met your father, when he returned me the books that fell from my pile. I recognized him as the baby dragon I hatched during my entrance exam and ever since then, he had always been by my side offering to assist me in any way he can.

T: *in awe* Wow, Aunty. Dad told us a lot of stories before but nothing quite like this one.

Twilight: Oh, really now? *chuckles* But his story didn’t end there; your father had stayed faithfully by my side even when I moved to Ponyville. Our stay here provided us with many experiences & opportunities that were certainly life-changing. From meeting his future wife to becoming the hero of the Crystal Empire, all of that helped him become the very dragon he is today. But despite all that your father and I have gone through, I will always consider him to be my “number-one assistant”.


The last words the princess uttered were said with her eyes focused on the bejewelled bowtie T had on. T also felt the urge to look down upon the accessory and think about his father and how it once belonged to him.


T: Dad is pretty great, isn’t he? I wish I could be like him...

Twilight: And you can be. *reaches out for T’s shoulders and converses with him face-to-face* T, I see so much potential in you. So many possibilities for your future for you to explore. You just need to take on every opportunity that comes at you until you find what you’re looking for. You’ll never know until you give it a shot, right?

T: *pauses to think and then answers* I guess you’re right.

Twilight: And just because you’re finding yourself doesn’t mean it’s a one-person job. Don’t be afraid to rely on your friends, your family and everyone who cares for you. We’d all be more than glad to help you on your quest. And I believe I’m saying this for everyone when I say that I think you’re great, T. You’re already great just the way you are.

T: ... Really?

Twilight: *nods* Yes. Don’t ever forget that.


A moment of silence filled the room, which was then followed by a big hug between Twilight and T. The feeling of doubt and insecurity inside the half-dragon’s heart had been replaced with that of acceptance and relief as the two embraced.


T: Aunty Twilight, thank you.

Twilight: Anytime, T. Anytime.


Shortly after the bonding session between aunt and nephew, downstairs went abuzz with the arrival of the Dash family. It seemed like just about everything and everyone was ready for the trip to Rainbow Falls. Everyone but Twilight and T, both Claire and Star noticed. The two decided to see what they were up to upstairs.


T: *hears ruckus from downstairs* Seems like it’s about time to go, Aunty.

Twilight: Seems so. Oh yes, here. Let’s put the bowtie back in the box for safekeeping.

T: Actually, Aunty... Do you mind if I wear this to the picnic? It’s kind of grown on me...

Twilight: Well, I don’t see why not. It suits you quite well.

Star: *opens the door* Hey, Mom. I’m back. T said he came to check on– *notices her mom and T having a moment of sorts* Were you in the middle of something?

Both Twilight and T look at each other briefly before giving a chuckle, leaving both Star and Claire at the doorway bewildered by the sight.


Twilight: Oh, it’s nothing dear. Is everything ready for later?

Star: *still puzzled* Oh, yeah. Mom, I triple-checked everything, we’re good to go.

Twilight: Excellent. Tell them we’ll be right down.

Star: OK, Mom. Nice bowtie, T. *exits room and heads downstairs*

T: Haha, thanks.

Claire: Oh right, T, Aunty Twilight. Dad’s coming to the picnic with us! He just arrived and he’s waiting downstairs with everybody.

T and Twilight: Really?!

Claire: Yep! Come on, let’s go! *follows Star down the stairs*

Twilight: What do you know? Spike made it after all.

T: *smiles* Well, Aunty. Shall we?

Twilight: Yes. Wouldn’t want them to wait any longer now, would we?


And with that, both T and Twilight made their way downstairs and joined everybody on their way to Rainbow Falls for their picnic get-together. As enjoyable as the reunion was though, T would surely never forget the little pep talk he had with his Aunty Twilight. With an uplifted spirit, focused mind, renewed resolve & continuous support from family & friends, T continued to set forth on his quest on finding his purpose in life. 

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. They belong to their respective owners: :iconkilala97: for the NextGen characters and :iconfyre-flye: & Hasbro from MLP:FiM proper.

Request for Shintafaradina1 by pikaplusmin
Request for Shintafaradina1
Another request done, from :iconshintafaradina1: wanting her OC, Cherli drawn. Took way longer than hoped, but I'm glad that I managed to get it done finally.

BTW, what do you guys think of my first try on blood? I was initially hesitant to put it in, but went with it anyway. I've yet to try blood splatters on cloth, explaining the surprisingly clean hoodie. Maybe in the future when I get the hang of it. :)
HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2015!!! by pikaplusmin
Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!! Sorry if I'm a little late for the celebration, but in honor of the start of the Year of the Wooden Sheep/Goat, I have created this piece featuring Tate & Liza from Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire riding a Gogoat along with other Pokémon. Took me longer than I had hoped to put it all together, but I am definitely pleased with the result!! :nod:

May this new year be prosperous for all of us!! :wave:

Credits: I do not own Pokémon; it is property of Nintendo. The Chinese border brush I used is courtesy of "withwhippedcream". :)
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OK... First and foremost, I apologize for being somewhat absent and inactive here on dA, and not being totally attentive to the requests and commission I have to accomplish. I promise I'll get back to those when I have the time, so thank you so much for being patient up to this point and I kindly request for more time.

Secondly, I would like to explain as to why I haven't been attending much here on dA. You see, I graduated from college last March with a bachelor's degree in Psychology. Afterwards, I opted to take up the Board Exam for Psychometricians for my license. Review for the boards started around July and ended October; with the examinations themselves being just last week. From the day exams ended, I waited anxiously for the results...

Which came in hours ago. I looked for my name; and I found it. I passed. :la: :la:

Hoo boy, you don't know how ecstatic my fellow board passers and I were when we found out the good news!! Even now, the fact that I made it is still sinking in. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this isn't just my victory. I owe it to my family, friends, loved ones, and even you guys. You as my watchers make going online here on dA so worthwhile and relaxing after reviewing & studying so much that I felt like I have to share this victory with you. So, thank you very much. :thanks:

So, that's pretty much it for now. As for what will happen next, only time will tell. Until then, thanks for reading, belated Happy Halloween and until next time. :wave:
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deviantART for me, has become my personal outlet for expressing myself. Ever since I joined this amazing community of artists back in early high school, I continue to find & explore new ways of exercising this wonderful talent of mine through submitting artwork that I would like to share with others. On the way, I get to see more artwork done by other fellow artists and at times, make friends with them. Really, being a deviant has become a big portion of how I identify myself; as someone who appreciates art and who would like to share his own. And speaking of sharing, I would like to share some of my work throughout the years. First up:

The Legend of Zelda: Oracles by pikaplusmin

Behold, my very first deviation!! I've actually been drawing ever since I was little ('round 5 or 6, I guess?) and I even though those old drawings are still with me, this was the only one that managed to become a deviation. Yeah, my skills weren't as honed as they were now, but we all had to start somewhere, right? Might have plans of redoing this too... We'll see...

Up next we have...

Hello from Mushroom Kingdom :D by pikaplusmin

Oh yes, I remember now. I think this was made during the time I gave up on drawing because I wasn't so pleased with what I could do then. I decided to try my hand at editing with Photoshop. The break from drawing was refreshing, but I felt like going back after a short while because I missed it, I suppose.

What do we have here?

Toy Story Cosplay by pikaplusmin

And this is what happened when I returned to drawing. I put my editing skills to work here and I was pretty pleased with how this turned out then. Not to mention this being a milestone for me, what with me attaining 500+ pageviews. This, along with the fact that I started getting comfortable with my art style, made me quite happy with myself. With newfound determination in me, I continued to draw whenever I could, leading to up works like:

Birth by Sleep Playtime by pikaplusmin

Another milestone work, 200+ pageviews later. This I would say, would be the beginning of me realizing & developing my personal art style. As seen here, hands and other body parts need work, as well the shading. I can't seem to recall why I resorted to simplistic eyes then. Oh well.

Birth by Sleep Halloween by pikaplusmin

Little by little, I went out of my comfort zone and experimented with what I can do on Photoshop. I started to get a hang on shading, though eyes and hands still needed work, but for here, I was just glad I got to get something done for Halloween.

Pokemon BW: New Adventure by pikaplusmin

And here we are after reaching 1,150+ pageviews!!  This was memorable because, 1) the aforementioned milestone; 2) Pokémon Black and White was coming out around this time and I couldn't miss up the opportunity to draw something Pokémon-related and; 3) I did more experimenting on this one, having fun with gradients and whatnot. I still had a lot to work on, but I was pretty proud of this.

Mario and Sonic: Off to London by pikaplusmin

How can I possibly forget this? This here is probably my biggest deviation I've ever done and I think my most viewed one too. I was really proud and happy with myself when I finished this artwork of mine, proving to myself that I'm capable of such. Though I remember limiting myself to fewer characters for future deviations.

MLP FiM: Merry Christmas by pikaplusmin

MLP FiM: Princesses of Equestria by pikaplusmin
Now, here are a couple of my early My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic deviations. Having become a brony at this point, being able to express my interests and finding those who share it here on deviantART was simply amazing and I am very thankful for that. I got to interact more with others and explore more of what being a brony is. I even get to make others happy which in turn, makes me happy. Still, by this point, I had a lot of improving to do in terms of my art style.

Thanks a lot from Derpy and me!! :D by pikaplusmin

Yet another milestone, with me getting 3,000+ pageviews!! This would be pretty close to how I draw now, with improvements on the hands and eyes. I also finally found how I would like to do my shading, which would carry on to my future works.

Halloween at Gravity Falls by pikaplusmin

The Big Four by pikaplusmin

RWBY by pikaplusmin

Merry Christmas 2013!! :D by pikaplusmin

Other than MLP, it was through deviantART that I got to know and see more of other fandoms of which I partake in, some more than others. And through my art, I share with everybody around the shows I have taken an interest in. Not surprisingly, it is through these deviations that I get to find others with the same interest as I.

We're almost through guys, just a couple more:

Request: Late Nite TV by pikaplusmin

This is one of my more recent works, submitted only a few months ago from now. Not only does it express my interest in Pokémon but again, it shows what I'm capable of as an artist. Never have I before attempted to do lighting in a setting such as this. However, having the opportunity right before me, I couldn't pass it up and took on the challenge. I must say, I once again surprised myself once I finished this one. It's become one of my favorites as it is a self-accomplishment as an artist.

Lastly, we have my latest deviation:

Baby Fluttershy by pikaplusmin

Like ABC, it's adorable, bright, and colorful. Which actually describes my specialty of sorts; that or my personal preference in drawing. I don't really mind that I end up drawing pretty much everything as cute, though I would like to try a different style some time in the future. But for now, I can say that I am happy with my works, from my very first to the ones that have yet to be realized on paper.

And with that, this here ends my deviantART story. For now, at least. Each of our stories are still being developed and it's up to us as to what will be written, or in our case, drawn in them. Thank you all for reading my story and especially to deviantART for giving me the chance to grow and develop as an artist. Happy 14th birthday dA!! :party: 


Larinel Vincent Fiedacan
Just your average college student taking up BS Psychology in University of Santo Tomas... :)



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