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Request for Shintafaradina1 by pikaplusmin
Request for Shintafaradina1
Another request done, from :iconshintafaradina1: wanting her OC, Cherli drawn. Took way longer than hoped, but I'm glad that I managed to get it done finally.

BTW, what do you guys think of my first try on blood? I was initially hesitant to put it in, but went with it anyway. I've yet to try blood splatters on cloth, explaining the surprisingly clean hoodie. Maybe in the future when I get the hang of it. :)
HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2015!!! by pikaplusmin
Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!! Sorry if I'm a little late for the celebration, but in honor of the start of the Year of the Wooden Sheep/Goat, I have created this piece featuring Tate & Liza from Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire riding a Gogoat along with other Pokémon. Took me longer than I had hoped to put it all together, but I am definitely pleased with the result!! :nod:

May this new year be prosperous for all of us!! :wave:

Credits: I do not own Pokémon; it is property of Nintendo. The Chinese border brush I used is courtesy of "withwhippedcream". :)
Request for Leonman-42 by pikaplusmin
Request for Leonman-42
Another request done, this time for my good friend, :iconleonman-42:, who requested that he have a nap with baby Fluttershy. Thank you for waiting! Hope you like it, buddy! :wave:

Speaking of requests, I'd like to let you guys know beforehand: I won't be able to take anymore requests until I'm done with what's left on my to-do list. I'd like to finish what needs to be done before I start with new requests. Thanks for understanding and I'll notify you when requests are again open, probably through journal post. :thanks:
:party: :wave: HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!! Welcome 2015!! :wave: :party:
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OK... First and foremost, I apologize for being somewhat absent and inactive here on dA, and not being totally attentive to the requests and commission I have to accomplish. I promise I'll get back to those when I have the time, so thank you so much for being patient up to this point and I kindly request for more time.

Secondly, I would like to explain as to why I haven't been attending much here on dA. You see, I graduated from college last March with a bachelor's degree in Psychology. Afterwards, I opted to take up the Board Exam for Psychometricians for my license. Review for the boards started around July and ended October; with the examinations themselves being just last week. From the day exams ended, I waited anxiously for the results...

Which came in hours ago. I looked for my name; and I found it. I passed. :la: :la:

Hoo boy, you don't know how ecstatic my fellow board passers and I were when we found out the good news!! Even now, the fact that I made it is still sinking in. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this isn't just my victory. I owe it to my family, friends, loved ones, and even you guys. You as my watchers make going online here on dA so worthwhile and relaxing after reviewing & studying so much that I felt like I have to share this victory with you. So, thank you very much. :thanks:

So, that's pretty much it for now. As for what will happen next, only time will tell. Until then, thanks for reading, belated Happy Halloween and until next time. :wave:
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deviantART for me, has become my personal outlet for expressing myself. Ever since I joined this amazing community of artists back in early high school, I continue to find & explore new ways of exercising this wonderful talent of mine through submitting artwork that I would like to share with others. On the way, I get to see more artwork done by other fellow artists and at times, make friends with them. Really, being a deviant has become a big portion of how I identify myself; as someone who appreciates art and who would like to share his own. And speaking of sharing, I would like to share some of my work throughout the years. First up:

The Legend of Zelda: Oracles by pikaplusmin

Behold, my very first deviation!! I've actually been drawing ever since I was little ('round 5 or 6, I guess?) and I even though those old drawings are still with me, this was the only one that managed to become a deviation. Yeah, my skills weren't as honed as they were now, but we all had to start somewhere, right? Might have plans of redoing this too... We'll see...

Up next we have...

Hello from Mushroom Kingdom :D by pikaplusmin

Oh yes, I remember now. I think this was made during the time I gave up on drawing because I wasn't so pleased with what I could do then. I decided to try my hand at editing with Photoshop. The break from drawing was refreshing, but I felt like going back after a short while because I missed it, I suppose.

What do we have here?

Toy Story Cosplay by pikaplusmin

And this is what happened when I returned to drawing. I put my editing skills to work here and I was pretty pleased with how this turned out then. Not to mention this being a milestone for me, what with me attaining 500+ pageviews. This, along with the fact that I started getting comfortable with my art style, made me quite happy with myself. With newfound determination in me, I continued to draw whenever I could, leading to up works like:

Birth by Sleep Playtime by pikaplusmin

Another milestone work, 200+ pageviews later. This I would say, would be the beginning of me realizing & developing my personal art style. As seen here, hands and other body parts need work, as well the shading. I can't seem to recall why I resorted to simplistic eyes then. Oh well.

Birth by Sleep Halloween by pikaplusmin

Little by little, I went out of my comfort zone and experimented with what I can do on Photoshop. I started to get a hang on shading, though eyes and hands still needed work, but for here, I was just glad I got to get something done for Halloween.

Pokemon BW: New Adventure by pikaplusmin

And here we are after reaching 1,150+ pageviews!!  This was memorable because, 1) the aforementioned milestone; 2) Pokémon Black and White was coming out around this time and I couldn't miss up the opportunity to draw something Pokémon-related and; 3) I did more experimenting on this one, having fun with gradients and whatnot. I still had a lot to work on, but I was pretty proud of this.

Mario and Sonic: Off to London by pikaplusmin

How can I possibly forget this? This here is probably my biggest deviation I've ever done and I think my most viewed one too. I was really proud and happy with myself when I finished this artwork of mine, proving to myself that I'm capable of such. Though I remember limiting myself to fewer characters for future deviations.

MLP FiM: Merry Christmas by pikaplusmin

MLP FiM: Princesses of Equestria by pikaplusmin
Now, here are a couple of my early My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic deviations. Having become a brony at this point, being able to express my interests and finding those who share it here on deviantART was simply amazing and I am very thankful for that. I got to interact more with others and explore more of what being a brony is. I even get to make others happy which in turn, makes me happy. Still, by this point, I had a lot of improving to do in terms of my art style.

Thanks a lot from Derpy and me!! :D by pikaplusmin

Yet another milestone, with me getting 3,000+ pageviews!! This would be pretty close to how I draw now, with improvements on the hands and eyes. I also finally found how I would like to do my shading, which would carry on to my future works.

Halloween at Gravity Falls by pikaplusmin

The Big Four by pikaplusmin

RWBY by pikaplusmin

Merry Christmas 2013!! :D by pikaplusmin

Other than MLP, it was through deviantART that I got to know and see more of other fandoms of which I partake in, some more than others. And through my art, I share with everybody around the shows I have taken an interest in. Not surprisingly, it is through these deviations that I get to find others with the same interest as I.

We're almost through guys, just a couple more:

Request: Late Nite TV by pikaplusmin

This is one of my more recent works, submitted only a few months ago from now. Not only does it express my interest in Pokémon but again, it shows what I'm capable of as an artist. Never have I before attempted to do lighting in a setting such as this. However, having the opportunity right before me, I couldn't pass it up and took on the challenge. I must say, I once again surprised myself once I finished this one. It's become one of my favorites as it is a self-accomplishment as an artist.

Lastly, we have my latest deviation:

Baby Fluttershy by pikaplusmin

Like ABC, it's adorable, bright, and colorful. Which actually describes my specialty of sorts; that or my personal preference in drawing. I don't really mind that I end up drawing pretty much everything as cute, though I would like to try a different style some time in the future. But for now, I can say that I am happy with my works, from my very first to the ones that have yet to be realized on paper.

And with that, this here ends my deviantART story. For now, at least. Each of our stories are still being developed and it's up to us as to what will be written, or in our case, drawn in them. Thank you all for reading my story and especially to deviantART for giving me the chance to grow and develop as an artist. Happy 14th birthday dA!! :party: 


Larinel Vincent Fiedacan
Just your average college student taking up BS Psychology in University of Santo Tomas... :)



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